Transportation (TR)

Shuttle Services


NIDA supports the inclusive transportation in the campus. We have provided free electric shuttle service within the campus for faculties, staffs, students, university’s guests and people who need the assistance (e.g, elderly, people with disabilities). The map above shows the shuttle service route within campus. The stops are located in the main entrance buildings. The shuttle service is also on demand so the information for calling the shuttle is provided in all buildings. If necessary, the security staffs at all buildings could help for calling for the service.

Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) Policy on Campus

NIDA supports the non-motorized transportation in the campus by constructing the cyclist and pedestrian friendly environment. The campus bikes are free to use for students and staffs. Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station pilot project is being tested and free for people in NIDA. The electric shuttle is the basic service provided for elderly, people with disabilities, and others who need the travel assistance within NIDA.

ตัวอย่าง: All Bangor University sites are cyclist and pedestrian friendly. Many have vehicle-free paths for these users. There is a 5 mph speed limit on all internal roads, and cycle paths on the public roads. All sites have cycle racks in a variety of designs. The University offers free showers to cyclists, runs a “Cycle to Work” scheme for staff as well as encouraging cycling through a number of services, events and groups, and providing free bikes to students.


Ratio of Parking Area to Total Campus Area


Parking spaces are detached to almost all buildings in NIDA. The seven-floor parking building is provided so that it can serve for staff and student parking demand. NIDA will be the transportation intermodal hub so parking building could be used for Park and Ride in the future. Details of parking space are described as follows:

Total main campus area: 166,955 m2

Total parking area = 48,137 m2

Ratio = 0.288

Number of Transportation Initiatives to Decrease Private Vehicles on Campus



NIDA supports the non-motorized transportation in the campus by constructing the cyclist and pedestrian friendly environment. Free electric shuttle service and bicycles are provided for students, staffs, and people who need travel assistance in the campus so that it could decrease the use of private vehicle within the campus. The pedestrian paths and sky connects both at ground and elevated level were constructed and expanded to cover all buildings in the future. With all this effort, NIDA is attempting to decrease the private vehicles and supporting the green transportation on the campus.

Pedestrian Path Policy on Campus



1. Pedestrian paths are provided around NIDA connecting both ground and elevated areas. Three sky connects were constructed and are being expanded to other buildings. The sky connects help to improve the connectivity between the buildings for students, staffs, and people with disability.

2. Coverways are provided for the ground level over the pedestrian paths around NIDA.

3. Ramps and guiding blocks are sufficiently provided and efficiently designed to assists the walkers and people with disabilities in NIDA.